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a radio controlled car track in warton

As people of warton are noticing that alot of people are running fast rc nitro cars on warton park for 2 very good reasons, 1, wide open space, mixture of surfaces, mud, grass, tarmac, and gravel. ...

Sponsor: Mr kevin mcintee

Starts: 24/05/12

Ends: 23/08/12

Current signature count: 1

A Call for a Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas (FRACKING)

The oil and gas industry is seeking to exploit UK onshore gas reserves trapped in shale rock and coal beds, requiring potentially environmentally damaging and risky techniques, including hydraulic ...

Sponsor: Mr Ron Marshall

Starts: 20/12/11

Ends: 19/09/12

Current signature count: 392

Objection to closure of Lytham Police Station

We are opposed to the closure of Lytham Police Station

Sponsor: Mrs Mary Wilson

Starts: 30/08/11

Ends: 29/11/11

Current signature count: 2

Proposed sale of Clifton(Lytham) Housing Association Ltd.

We want Fylde Borough Council to postpone any further action regarding the sale of Clifton (Lytham) Housing Association Ltd until such time that a full and proper consultation and gathering of fact...

Sponsor: Mr John Ingham

Starts: 21/02/11

Ends: 20/05/11

Current signature count: 224

Clear travellers site in Staining

This is not a personal attack on a race of people its about the plot of land illegally occupied. I want Fylde's residents support in clearing the site.

Sponsor: Anonymous

Starts: 14/10/10

Ends: 13/01/11

Current signature count: 1

Provide child’s swimming facilities at St Annes or Kirkham pools

Either one of the pools to provide bathing facilitates for my young children. We used to be able to take the young ones to splash and get used to the water in the small kids pool but both baths hav...

Sponsor: Anonymous

Starts: 06/09/10

Ends: 05/12/10

Current signature count: 1

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Sponsor: Mr Andy Cain

Starts: 03/09/10

Ends: 02/09/11

Current signature count: 4

Rejected petitions


I living in this house, and I want get a registration

Sponsor: Mr Ilja Badja

Rejected Reason:

Invalid petition.

We want Virgin TV not just sky!!!!!

This is a petition for the council to allow the roads to be dug up to lay fibre optic cables for virgin media etc so people in the FY8 area can get cable tv and broadband without having to rely on ...

Sponsor: Mr Phil Hoyle

Rejected Reason:

Lancashire County Council are responsible for approval of works in the highway. Please contact them direct using the details below. Website: Phone: 0845 053 0000 Email: You can submit the petition and use our site but we cant take any direct action. You will need to contact Lancashire County Council with details of your petition.

11 moorland road licencing application

objection to licensing for the premises know as 11 moorland Road

Sponsor: Anonymous

Rejected Reason:

The petition facility does not apply to individual licansing or planning applications. However, your objection will be forwarded to the licensing team.