Hardship Relief

Hardship Relief

In exceptional circumstances, relief may be granted if you would suffer harship by paying the whole of the rates bill. In these circumstances, the Government gives the Council back approximately 50% of the relief granted. This means that about one half of the cost falls directly on Fylde Council Tax payers.

For this reason, relief is only likely to be granted where it is clear it is in the interests of the community that you remain in business because:

  • You provide a unique, essential service which is required regularly within the community
  • The loss of employment provided by you would be severely damaging to the local community

Before we can consider granting this relief, you need to send us a letter, giving your reasons for requesting Hardship Relief and provide the following information:

  • How much money is outstanding
  • Copies of your last audited accounts
  • Details of your financial circumstances
  • The reason why you cannot pay your bill

You must continue to pay your rates instalments, as previously notified, while you are waiting for a decision.