Business Recycling (Recycling 4 Business)

Business Recycling (Recycling 4 Business)

Fylde Borough Council provides a trade waste recycling service for paper and cardboard using pre-paid blue sacks.

To purchase blue sacks or book a collection, click here. Please remember you must book before 3pm on a Wednesday to ensure your sacks are collected on Thursday.

Trade Waste Business Recycling Collection Information

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White office paper Envelopes & sticky labels
Shredded paper Coloured office paper
Brochures Telephone directories
Catalogues Plastic & polystyrene
Junk mail Wax/foil packaging
Newspapers & magazines Glass & metal
All types of cardboard Food waste

How does the scheme operate?

  • Blue sacks can be purchased in quantities of 50 and the cost includes the collection and recycling process.
  • The cost of 50 sacks is £44.80
  • Sacks can be purchased over the telephone using a debit/credit card on 01253 658658, or from Customer Services at The Town Hall (St Anne's Road West ). The sacks must be collected from the offices.
  • Blue recycling sacks are collected every Thursday. Please contact the Council before 3pm on Wednesdays to arrange your collection or book on-line via the link on this page.
  • Please only arrange your blue sack collections once you have 2 or more sacks. This will assist us in maximising vehicle efficiency, reducing vehicle movements to the area and help minimise carbon emissions.
  • Blue sacks should be placed at the front of your premises by 10am on collection day. Please ensure that the blue sacks do not cause an obstruction.

Why should I recycle my business waste?

Waste disposal costs can be up to 5% of your company’s annual turnover, so more and more businesses are finding it pays to look at sustainable ways of dealing with waste. Recycling your waste will lower your disposal costs; these savings will become more significant as the cost of waste disposal to landfill continues to rise.

Fylde’s households now have access to recycling facilities and you can promote a positive and responsible image to your customers by implementing recycling practices for your business helping to position your business ahead of competitors, as a leader in sustainable business practice

Since 2011 there are new obligations on businesses to apply the waste hierarchy to decisions on waste management options when waste is transferred and to declare on transfer notes that this has been done.