Commercial Waste Charges 2018-19

Commercial Waste Charges 2018-19

The commercial waste collection service is operated from Monday to Friday (inclusive).

Grey Sack Collection

This service is offered to small to medium businesses (such as shops, offices etc.).
Commercial waste is collected in the Council’s official grey sacks only.

Sack Collection Cost

Grey Sacks - Roll of  50 -  £77.51 - Become a grey sack customer or purchase sacks here

Blue Sacks - Roll of  50 -  £44.88 - Become a blue sack customer or purchase sacks here

Bulk Bin Collection

Become a bulk bin customer, book additional collections or report a damaged bin here.

The service is available to larger businesses (restaurants, hotels etc). Commercial waste is stored and collected in bulk bin containers that are emptied as arranged, by a specialised collection vehicle.

Bulk Bin Collection Cost

1x 660L -    £10.46

1x 1100L  -  £17.12

Additional collections will follow the charging structure above. Please note if you require regular additional collections you may need to increase your collection frequency or lease another bin.

Bulk Bin Charges

  • Euro Bins can be purchased at a cost of  £500
  • Euro Bins can be leased at a charge of £127.62 per annum.