Other Licensing Fees

Other Licensing Fees

The fees listed below are for the 2017-2018 financial year:

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Street Cafe

Street Cafe charges
Grant £300.00
Renewal                  £220.00

Sex Shop Licence

Sex Shop Licence charges
Grant / Renewal           £1640.00

Other Licences

Other licences fees and charges
Licensing and Registration's Current
Animal Boarding Establishment Licence £125.00
Dog Breeding Establishment Licence £125.00
Dangerous Wild Animal Licence £220.00
Pet Shop Licence £125.00
Riding Establishment Licence £220.00
Scrap Metal Collectors £330.00
Scrap Metal Site £335.00
Second Hand Goods Dealer Registration £120.00
Skin Piercing Registration - Premises £160.00
Skin Piercing Registration - Persons £160.00
Street Traders Licence - New £440.00
Street Traders Licence - Renewal £410.00