Fylde Community Safety Partnership

Fylde Community Safety Partnership

Fylde Community Safety Partnership

The Fylde Community Safety Partnership (CSP) was established in October 1998 in response to the Crime and Disorder Act of the same year. It is made up of a number of key organisation's who work together to ensure that the Borough of Fylde remains one of the country's safest places to live, work or visit.

The current membership of the Partnership is:

The Partnership operates through a Strategy Group which sets the direction and a tasking and coordinating group who implement and manage projects. These groups report to the full partnership, who monitor progress against the Strategy and Partnership Plan twice a year.

Crime remains a top public concern in Britain and equally in Fylde; only the economy ranks higher. Fear of crime is not reducing as fast as actual crime rates and the 'perception gap' matters. It creates a negative cycle of low confidence in local communities, leading to fear, disengagement and a less effective response. Turning statistical improvement into real difference for people in their neighbours is key. Fylde CSP are committed to deliver on each of the 'Hallmarks of Effective Partnership'.

Annual District Strategic Assessment

Each year the Fylde Community Safety team carry out a strategic assessment to reflect on the past 18 months activities undertaken to identify the big successes and major pitfalls with the aim for continuous improvement for the partnership. The purpose of a Strategic Assessment is to move all partners to a more intelligence led approach to business planning. To do this we need to work with a range of data sources, develop expert opinion and underpin analysis with a clear understanding of community needs. Data and expert opinion have been interpreted with a clear focus on how this can help to improve the understanding of crime and disorder and substance misuse in our District and to become more responsive to identified needs. The Partnership has identified a number of key priority aims to ensure that people from across the Fylde stay safe, these are:

  1. Domestic Abuse
  2. Killed Seriously Injured
  3. Substance Misuse - Alcohol & Drugs
  4. Anti Social Behaviour
  5. Reducing Re offending - Adults & Young People

The further details of the Fylde District Strategic Assessment 2011/12 can be found on the download section to the right of this page.

For more information about the Community Safety Partnership, please call Fylde Borough Council, on 01253 658658 or email listening@fylde.gov.uk