Electoral Boundaries

Electoral Boundaries

Parliamentary Boundary Review

On 28 February 2017, the Boundary Commission for England published all the representations on initial proposals for new constituency boundaries. They received nearly 20,000 responses across the country.

The commission are now considering all the representations received and will decide whether to modify the revised proposals before they publish the final recommendations for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries in September 2018. At that time, they will also publish all representations received in response to the consultation on the revised proposals.

To view the Fylde proposals click here - http://www.bce2018.org.uk/node/6487?postcode=FY81LW

County Council Electoral Arrangements

The Local Government Boundary  Commission for England carried out a review of County Council electoral divisions, division boundaries and division names across Lancashire.

The review began on 17 November 2015 and final recommendations were published on 5 April 2016. Initial recommendations suggested changes to Fylde East and Fylde South divisions. After a 12 weeks consultation period, the commission considered all representations and decided that Fylde divisions remain unchanged. The full report can be found here

Previous reviews in Lancashire took place in place in 2002/2003. Further information  can be found on the Boundary Commission for England's website.

Fylde Borough Council Electoral Arrangements

A review of electoral arrangements for Fylde was carried out by the Local Government Commission for England, and started on the 7 September 1999.

The final report was published on the 5 September 2000. Further information can be found on the Boundary Commission for England's website.