To deliver excellent services and achieve the outcomes that our communities want and need, we have to continually review, challenge and improve what we do. To understand what changes to make and where improvements are needed, we have to be good at managing our performance.

We monitor our performance to make sure the council continues to deliver value for money to local taxpayers. We also check to make sure our services are on target and that we fulfil our promises to you. Our quarterly performance scorecards can be downloaded from the documents section. Mid year and annual performance results can be viewed in the Policy Development Scrutiny Committee section. This contains the most up to date corporate performance exception reports available.

All the information and data in the Corporate Performance Plan, particularly that relating to performance, is subject to comprehensive quality checks prior to publication. These checks include the audit team and senior members examining data for reliability, validity, usefulness and integrity. One of our key objectives as part of the commitment to Data Assurance Policy is to get the data right first time by applying a high quality management system. Our main performance targets can be found in the Corporate Plan.

The Corporate Plan is an important document for every local authority.  The plan out lines the key corporate objectives that the Council is trying to achieve along with the key priority actions necessary to achieve them.  The corporate objectives have been established after extensive consultation and feedback from customers over a long period of time.  Each year further information is gathered through consultation and contact information that is used to review and update the plan to ensure that every action contributes towards achieving the corporate objectives.

In 2013 the general duty to consider and establish corporate equality objectives was included in the corporate planning process. After consultation with stakeholders and examination of the equality data on our workforce the council agreed the following corporate equality objectives:

  • “We aim to achieve a workforce composition that better reflects the community of Fylde, in terms of gender, race, disability and sexual orientation”

  • "We aim to include in every policy and service delivery appropriate measures to ensure that all protected characteristics receive fair and equal opportunity


The plan makes it clear what the council will do over the next years to improve the local community in line with what the local community wants. The quality of life for everyone in the borough must continue to improve in order for Fylde to remain one of the best areas in the country to live, work and play.

If you have any comments on the corporate plan then please send them to  or even better fill in the on line feedback form that you can access by clicking the Contact Us link.