Planning Policy (Local Plan)

Planning Policy (Local Plan)

Planning Policy (Local Plan)

Adopted Fylde Borough Local Plan (As Altered: October 2005)
Information on the emerging Fylde Local Plan
Click here to view progress on the Fylde Local Plan to 2030 Part 1: Preferred Option and the Councils Responses Report.
Call for Non-Strategic Development Sites
Click here to view information on the current six week call for non-strategic development sites for the emerging Local Plan

The planning policy team is responsible for preparing local planning policies that shape how places will be developed in the future. More information on this and other responsibilities can be found below.

Information about Planning Policy in Fylde

Planning policies and proposals for development and use of land in the Borough is set out in the 'development plan'. The Fylde Borough Local Plan (As Altered) (Oct 2005) is part of the existing development plan. The Council has adopted supplementary planning guidance / documents which also form part of the development plan. The Council also operates an Interim Housing Policy to inform planning decisions on housing. This is an informal document which does not form part of the development plan.

The government introduced major changes to the planning system in 2012. National planning policy is now set out under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which was published in March 2012. The NPPF requires each local council, in conjunction with local people, to prepare a Local Plan that contains local planning policies for the Borough. The Council is currently in the process of preparing the new Local Plan. More information on the emerging Local Plan can be found by clicking here. The NPPF also enables the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans which set out planning policies at the neighbourhood level. More information about neighbourhood planning can be found by clicking here.

Other responsibilities

The planning policy team produce an annual Housing Land Schedule and Industrial Land Schedule which lists all current and completed planning applications for dwellings and industrial use. The team also have some involvement in listed buildings and conservation areas work.

Further information

For further information, please contact the Planning Policy team. You can email us at, or write to us at the address below:

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