Fylde Local Plan 2032: Revised Preferred Option

Fylde Local Plan 2032: Revised Preferred Option

Fylde Local Plan to 2032: Revised Preferred Option (RPO)

Consultation took place on the Fylde Local Plan to 2032 - Revised Preferred Option (RPO), along with accompanying technical assessments, the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) and the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) between  15 October and 3 December 2015.

The scope of the Local Plan has changed since the Preferred Option version in 2013, it includes strategic and non-strategic allocations for new homes and employment land, leisure, retail, tourism and community use, or a mixture of such uses. The Local Plan also comprises development management policies, which will inform decisions on planning applications; together with policies to define areas of open space and town centre boundaries and to protect the natural and built environment and heritage assets. 

The Revised Preferred Option is an important stage in the preparation of the Local Plan. The Revised Preferred Option and the technical assessments are available to download on the right under related downloads.  The inset maps for the Revised Preferred Option are available to download below:

Housing and Employment Commitments and Allocations Inset Maps
Index Map
1. Blackpool Periphery (map 1 of 2) 12. Clifton
2. Blackpool Periphery (map 2 of 2) 13. Kirkham and Wesham (map 1 of 2)
3. Lytham and St Annes (map 1 of 4) 14. Kirkham and Wesham (map 2 of 2)
4. Lytham and St Annes (map 2 of 4) 15. Wrea Green
5. Lytham and St Annes (map 3 of 4) 16. Moss Side
6. Lytham and St Annes (map 4 of 4) 17. Weeton
7. Warton (map 1 of 2) 18. Greenhalgh
8. Warton (map 2 of 2) 19. Elswick
9. Freckleton (map 1 of 2) 20. Little Eccleston
10. Freckleton (map 2 of 2) 21. Singleton
11. Newton 22. Staining

Town, District and Local Centres Inset Maps
St Annes Town Centre Headroomgate Road Local Centre
Kirkham Town Centre St Davids Road North Local Centre
Lytham Town Centre Alexandria Drive Local Centre
Ansdell District Centre St Albans Road Local Centre
Freckleton Local Centre

Comments received during the consultation

The council has processed the consultation comments.  Processed consultation comments are available to view on our online interactive consultation system which can be accessed by clicking here.  

One petition has been signed by Elswick residents.  The petition can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Elswick Petition (32 Signatures)  - Please note the signatures have been removed. 

So what happens next?

The Revised Preferred Option (RPO) version of the Fylde Local Plan to 2032 was agreed for consultation at Fylde Council’s Development Management Committee meeting on 16th September 2015. The consultation into the RPO version of the Local Plan took place over seven weeks between Thursday 15th October and Thursday 3rd December 2015. The consultation took place in accordance with Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations, 2012.

The following technical assessments of the RPO version of the Local Plan were also issued for consultation: Sustainability Appraisal; Habitat Regulations Assessment – Screening Report; Health Impact Assessment; Rural Proofing Assessment; and Viability Assessment.

The draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (the IDP), which was issued for consultation at the same time, seeks to establish what additional infrastructure and service needs are required to support and accommodate the level of development proposed in the emerging Local Plan. The IDP will help ensure that the additional infrastructure and services that are needed are identified and delivered in a timely, co-ordinated and sustainable way. It will be a mechanism for improving the delivery of facilities and services for the benefit of local communities and will provide a robust framework that will support bids for funding and assist decision making.

The Responses Report includes a summary of the comments received, divided by chapter, along with the council’s proposed response to the comments and an indication of how the next version of the Local Plan – the Publication version, the draft IDP, together with changes to the technical assessments, could be developed through recommendations for change(s) in the text. Immediately following the box titled: ‘Recommendations for change’ there is an extra box titled: ‘Additional textual changes’, which comprises changes proposed to clarify and update the existing text, together with recommendations that were proposed by consultants employed to carry out the Sustainability Appraisal of the RPO version of the Local Plan.

The Settlement Hierarchy Background Paper sets out the Key Service Centres, Local Service Centres, Tier 1: Larger Rural Settlements and Tier 2: Smaller Rural Settlements in Fylde, which are set out in policy S1 in Chapter 6 of the Local Plan. The Settlement Hierarchy is not to be confused with the Retail Hierarchy, which comprises: Town Centres, District Centres and Local Centres, which are set out in policy EC4 in Chapter 9 of the RPO version of the Local Plan.

We will take all comments, the results of the technical assessments and any emerging evidence, into account in preparing the next stage of the Local Plan – the Publication version.

Further information

If you require any further information or have a query about any aspect of the Local Plan, please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01253 658418 or email planningpolicy@fylde.gov.uk