Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is a study which examines the amount and location of land which is potentially suitable for housing development over the next fifteen years. The study is part of the evidence base which will underpin the preparation of the Council’s Local Plan.

There are four main objectives of the Study:

  • To demonstrate whether at the base date of 31st March 2012 there are sufficient specific deliverable sites to represent a five year supply of housing land (at the rate set by the Regional Spatial Strategy);
  • To support the preparation of the Local Plan (formely Core Strategy) and other Local Development Documents by demonstrating the number of dwellings which could come forward on specific and developable sites within existing settlements over the next 15 years;
  • Taking into account the above, to make general conclusions as to whether housing allocations of land will need to be made on countryside sites outside existing settlement boundaries, and if so how much; and
  • If in the future housing allocations are found to be necessary outside settlement boundaries, to identify the main options for residential settlement extensions.

The SHLAA has been undertaken under the scrutiny of a steering group and with the overview of a wider stakeholder group. The composition of these groups can be found in Appendix 5 of the SHLAA (see attachments below).

The SHLAA does not allocate sites for development and does not determine whether planning permission should be granted.

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Appendices and Assessment Documents

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment – base date 31st March 2012
Appendix 1 – List of all SHLAA sites within settlements (Core Output 1a)
Appendix 2 – List of all settlement extension sites (Core Output 1b)
Appendix 3 – List of ‘suitable’ sites which are subject to constraints and recommendations to overcome identified constraints (Core Output 4 / Core Output 5)
Appendix 4 – Statement of Methodology
Appendix 5 – Composition of Steering and Stakeholder Group
Appendix 6 – Assessment of deliverability/developability of sites within settlements and assessment of housing capacity (Core Outputs 2 & 3)
Appendix 7 - Statement of Five Year Housing Requirement & Supply

SHLAA Proformas – 2012

                                             SHLAA Maps 2012 (PDF File downloads)

Key for Maps of Definitive Sites St Annes 1                   
Blackpool Boundary St Annes St Annes 2
Blackpool Boundary Peel St Annes 3
Clifton 1 St Annes 4
Clifton 2 St Annes 5
Elswick St Annes 6
Freckleton 1 St Annes 7
Freckleton 2 St Annes 8
Greenhalgh 1 Staining 1
Greenhalgh 2 Staining 2
Kirkham 1 Treales
Kirkham 2 Warton 1
Little Eccleston Warton 2
Lytham 1 Warton 3
Lytham 2 Weeton 1
Lytham 3 Weeton 2
Lytham 4 Wesham
Lytham 5 Westby
Newton Wharles
Singleton Wrea Green