Fylde referendum: voters approve change in governance

Fylde referendum: voters approve change in governance

Voters in Fylde have voted by 57.8% to 42.2% to require that Fylde Council adopts a committee system by May 2015.

On a 34.16% turnout, 11,934 voters in a referendum on Thursday 22 May for the council to abandon the cabinet system and for a return to the traditional committee system. A total of 8,706 votes were cast to retain the cabinet system.

Tracy Morrison, Fylde Council’s counting officer and Director of Resources, said: “Voters have considered the issue very fully in recent months and they have voted to return to the committee system.

“The change will involve the council keeping its existing regulatory committees with the establishment of four new committees around the policy areas of tourism and leisure; operational management; health and housing; and finance.

“Each committee will be appointed by the Council and will consist of representatives of the elected parties in proportion to their numbers on the Council.

“Council officers will now start the ball rolling for the establishment of the committees in May 2015. The cabinet system will apply until then as the business of the council will have to continue to be conducted.”

Allan Oldfield, Fylde Council’s Chief Executive, added: “I’d like to thank voters and campaigners from both sides for considering and presenting the issues in such a mature and balanced fashion. Fylde Council has transformed itself in recent years and that work will continue with the new system.”

The referendum was called after more than 5% (3,077) voters signed a petition calling for change in October 2013.