Changes (circumstances and addresses)

Changes (circumstances and addresses)

Moving to Another Address Wthin Fylde
Moving into Fylde
New to the area? Tell us on-line.
Moving out of Fylde
Moving out of the area?
Moving Property (Landlords and Tenants)
If you are a landlord or tenant you can tell us about your move.
Adding / Removing People
Remove or add people to your household.
Notifying us of a Death

If your circumstances change you must tell us about it straight away as this could affect the amount of Council Tax you pay.

New - Your Online account

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» Report a change of address
» Check the payments you have made and when any future payments are due
» Set up or amend a direct debit
» View or print your current and previous bills and correspondence
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Our website is available 24/7, so you can see the latest information and check the progress of any changes you have told us about. 

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