Disabled Relief

Disabled Relief

If a disabled person lives in your household and your home contains certain facilities for meeting the needs of that disabled person you may be entitled to relief.

You can apply on-line for this discount by using the on-line service link to the right of the page.

The relief is the equivalent of one Council Tax band.  So if your home is in Band C and you qualify for this relief you would only pay the Band B amount.

Relief is now available for properties in band A.  If they qualify they pay five ninths of the Band D charge instead of six ninths.

The facilities necessary to qualify are,

  • A room provided to meet the special needs of a disabled person
  • An extra bathroom or kitchen provided to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • Sufficient floor space to allow the use of a wheelchair that the disabled person needs inside.

This relief is designed to ensure that disabled people are not disadvantaged by having to pay more tax because of extra facilities or space needed because of their disability.