Moss Hall Lane Allotments

If you wish to apply for an allotment at Moss Hall Lane Allotments please write to the following address Town Hall, St Anne's Rd West, St Anne's, FY8 1LW stating your address and telephone number or contact Ben McCabe on or 01253 658615.

Please note, Moss Hall Lane Allotments are in demand and there is currently a waiting list of 15+

Moss Hall Lane Allotments annual charges

  • Full Plot Rent = £52.00
  • Half Plot Rent = £26.00 

Please find details of the other allotments in the Fylde area and their contact details.

Mythop Road Allotments are managed by Mythop Road Allotment Association.

Shepherd Road Allotments and Blundell Road Allotments are managed by St Anne's Parish Council. To apply for a plot please contact the Town Council Support Officer at St Anne's Parish Council Mr John Nightingale telephone number 01253 781124.

Croft Butts Lane and Naze Lane Allotments, Freckleton are managed by Freckelton Parish Council.  To apply for a plot please contact the Clerk to Freckleton Parish Council Mr K M Armistead telephone number  01253 738951.

Kirkham Allotments are managed by Kirkham Town Council.  To apply for a plot please contact the Clerk to Kirkham Town Council  telephone number 01772 682755.

Wesham Allotments are managed by Medlar with Wesham Parish Council.  To apply for a plot please contact the Clerk to Medlar with Wesham Parish Council Mrs Jean Priestley on 07519 557104.