Local Housing Allowance (LHA amounts)

Local Housing Allowance (LHA amounts)

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LHA Rates for 2017/18

Property Type Fylde Coast Central Lancs*
Shared Rate £61.50 £53.67
1 Bedroom £85.00 £89.46
2 Bedrooms £113.92 £109.32
3 Bedrooms £130.00 £126.58
4 Bedrooms £150.00 £161.10

NB These rates are applicable from 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018

*The Rent Service has determined that the vast majority of properties within the Fylde Borough fall within the ‘Fylde Coast’ area.

There are, however, a few properties around Clifton, Salwick and Woodplumpton which fall within the ‘Central Lancs’ area, for which different LHA rates apply.

The LHA rate that is used to work out your benefit will depend on how many people are in your household. Details are given below.

One bedroom for:

  • Every adult couple or single adult
  • Any other adult aged 16 or over
  • Any two children of the same sex
  • Any two children, regardless of sex, under age 10
  • Any other child

Single claimants under 35 years old will get the shared rate no matter what size property they choose to live in.

Single claimants and couples over 35 years old with no dependent children will get the shared rate if they live in shared accommodation unless they have two or more rooms (bedrooms or living rooms) that no-one else can use.

If you have any queries regarding this change or wish to ask if you fall into an exempted group please contact Fylde Direct on 01253 658658.