Overlaps in Benefits

Overlaps in Benefits

What is an Overlap?

  • An overlap of benefit (where benefit is paid on two homes at the same time) may only be made in cases where a rental liability on two properties in unavoidable (e.g. the move is required for medical reasons).
  • An overlap of benefit can only be paid for a maximum of 4 weeks.
  • The claimant must have actually moved into the new property for the overlap to be considered.
  • An overlap is payable on the old property after the person has moved to the new property.
  • We cannot pay on the new property until the claimant has moved into it.

How to Apply

1) We need confirmation in writing from the Landlord of:

a) The date the claimant gives notice to leave the property.
b) The date when the tenancy ends
c) Confirmation that the landlord will not be re letting the property for the notice period

2) We need confirmation in writing from the claimant of:

a) When they have moved into the new property
b) The reasons for moving (e.g. need ground floor flat because they cant manage stairs).

NB: If moving to our borough from a different borough then the overlap request should go to the borough from which they are moving from.

My request has been refused - What now?

Please see the appeals page.