Second Adult Rebate

Second Adult Rebate

Who can claim second adult rebate and what is it?

The rules for claiming second adult rebate are different from those for claiming Council Tax Reduction and it can only be claimed from 1 April 2013 by persons of pensionable age.  Second adult rebate has been abolished for working age persons from 1 April 2013

Second adult rebate is awarded when the claimant has a second adult living in his or her home who is on income support, job seekers allowance or on a low income.

The level of the claimant's income or capital is not taken into account.

Information about applying

  • The council tax charge payer must make the application for 2nd Adult rebate and provide evidence of their own identity and National Insurance Number, however we do not require any income details for the claimant.
  • The income details required are those of the second adult who is resident in the household and documentary evidence must be provided.
  • Proof of the second adult's Identification and National Insurance Number must be provided.
  • If they have not heard within 28 days of making the claim they need to contact us directly.
  • They will only need to complete parts 1, 3 & 13 of the form.

What is a 'second adult'?

A 'second adult' is somebody over the age of 18 living in your household on a non-commercial basis (ie not paying rent). A second adult can be:

  • adult son or daughter
  • a relative
  • or a friend
  • or a certain type of carer

A 'second adult' cannot be:

  • a partner
  • a tenant/boarder
  • a joint tenant

In addition, a 'second adult' cannot be a person normally disregarded for council tax purposes such as:

  • a person under the age of 18 or someone over 18 years if child benefit is still in payment
  • a full time student
  • a person on a youth training scheme
  • an apprentice on a NCVQ/SVEC course
  • a person who is severely mentally impaired
  • certain types of carers
  • people in prison or other forms of detention
  • people who have been in hospital for more than six weeks
  • people actually or normally resident elsewhere
  • diplomats and members of International bodies or of visiting forces

This is because you still may be able to get a single person discount if the person living with you falls into one of these categories. You should contact the council tax section directly if you think you may be entitled to a single person discount.

You cannot claim a second adult rebate if:

  • you have a partner
  • if the second adults living with you have a commercial liability to pay rent (ie they are your tenants or your joint tenants).

How much second adult rebate can I get?

How much benefit you can get depends on the circumstances and income of the second adult or adults living with you.

No matter how many second adults you have, you can only get one amount of second adult rebate.

Second adult rebate is paid as a percentage deduction in your council tax bill. There are three bands:

  • 25% reduction in your bill
  • 15% reduction in your bill, and
  • 7.5% reduction in your bill

The percentage of council tax met by second adult rebate

  • Second adult(s) in receipt of income support or income based job seekers allowance 25%
  • Gross income of second adult (s) less than £175 15%
  • Gross income of second adult(s) £175 to £227.99 7.5%