Fylde Homelessness Forum

Fylde Homelessness Forum


Fylde BC operate Fylde Homeless Forum bringing together all agencies, organisation's and
statutory partners in Fylde who have an interest in preventing homelessness and providing
high quality services. The Forum meets three times a year and membership is open to any agency, organisation or individual.

The terms of reference describes the purpose, structure and membership of the Fylde Homeless Forum. (Terms of reference are located in the downloads section on the right hand side of this page)

Key role of the group

An important role of the Forum is to deliver and monitor progress in implementing the action
plan of the Homelessness Strategy 2013-18 which has three overarching priorities.

Priority 1- Maximise existing partnerships to effectively use current resources (both internally and externally).

Priority 2- Preventing homelessness

Priority 3- Increasingly the supply of settled accommodation including access into the private rented sector and implementing a pilot policy to discharge the homeless duty into the private rented sector.

What we will do?

1. Deliver and monitor the Homelessness Strategy 2013-18
2. Implement the objectives contained in the Action Plan of the Homelessness Strategy
3. Commitment to joint working and improving homelessness services, working together
in a cohesive, holistic way in the delivery these services
4. Review progress of the Fylde Homeless Forum annually
5. Monitor homelessness levels in the Borough by sharing statistical information and other intelligence as appropriate
6. Each agency to have equal participation in the group to ensure a broad range of
views are considered
7. Look outside the Borough at examples of best practice to inform service development
8. Work towards implementing effective consultation with service users