Looking for a home

Looking for a home

Looking for accommodation

This section provides information on accessing different types of accommodation.
There are different types of accommodation available in Fylde, these are private rented accommodation, sheltered accommodation or a housing association property.
You can access information on each of these types of accommodation by clicking on links in the related download section.

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Looking for support to help you maintain your home - DISC floating support service
Compass is the gateway service for Lancashire and provides a singe point of access to all floating support services across North Lancashire (Lancaster, Wyre & Fylde). A wide range of help is offered as part of the floating support service which might include:-
• setting up and maintaining a home
• assistance with benefits and grants
• practical, independent living skills
• help to manage general health and well being
• support to access work and training opportunities
You can contact DISC and make a referral by clicking on the link to the right of this page
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Telephone 01772 723061 or Freetext: text housing support followed by your message to 80800.

Accessing private rented accommodation in Fylde
There is a large amount of private rented accommodation in the Borough, the majority of properties are located in St Annes and Lytham, with a small number of properties in Kirkham and Wesham.
Housing Association properties are in short supply therefore it is beneficial to always check the private rented sector.

What can you afford?
Before you start looking you'll need to work out a budget. Over stretching yourself is almost always a mistake - you could end up in debt, or being evicted for arrears. Try to be realistic about your finances.
It is always worth checking to see if you are entitled to Local Housing Allowance. Further information is available on the Local Housing Allowance page. Click on the link in the related donwloads section.  Use the benefits calculator to find out how much local housing allowance you might be entitled to.

Please remember that if you are single and under 35 years of age you can only claim the shared rate no matter what size of property you choose to rent.

How much will I have to pay in advance?
You will probably need enough money for a deposit this is normally the same as a months rent. This should then be placed in a tenancy deposit scheme. You will also need a months rent in advance, and if you are renting through an agency you may need to pay an agency fee.

Check the place out before you agree to rent the property
it might save problems later. Things to consider include:-
• Does the rent include water rates, council tax, gas, electricity, heating etc?
• Is the electricity in your flat separately metered? how much does it cost?
• Are there any rules?
• Is there a telephone, and or washing machine you can use?
• Is furniture provided? Is there enough for you, or will you need to buy extra things, such as television and pots and pans?
• Ask to see the gas safety certificates, which the landlord must get every year.
• Ask to see an energy performance certificate - this will tell you how energy efficient the property is
• Do any repairs need doing, ask the landlord to confirm in writing when they will be done by.
• Has the property got smoke detectors and are they working?
• Check that the landlord will give you a written checklist so that you both agree what is in the property and its condition before you rent it. You can then write on it if there any repairs needed or damage to carpets or furniture to confirm it was like that before you moved in. Both you and the landlord should sign it to confirm this.

Where to find accommodation
The local press publish adverts from landlords and estate agents on available property in the area. Look in:-
• The Blackpool Evening Gazette and Lancashire Evening Post - carry adverts each night including properties in the Fylde
• Lytham St Annes Express is a weekly paper published on a Thursday
If you don't get a paper your local library will have a copy.
You can also look up local estate agents on the internet via rightmove. This is a search engine which povides all properties to rent within a certain area. You can search by area or by price. 

Bond Guarantee Scheme
There is abond guarantee scheme run by Face to Face YMCA. They are a charity and operate like an estate agent but without the fees. They provide a guarantee for the bond rather than money.

Face to Face YMCA aims to provide a high quality service enabling people to make real choices about existing and future accommodation.
The Bond Guarantee scheme is a certificate which is agreed by the Landlord and Face to Face YMCA covering the first period of a shorthold tenancy agreement normally 6 months.
It includes an inventory taken of the accommodation at the beginning and end of the tenancy.
If at the end of a tenancy, anything is left damaged, deficient or broken in relation to fixtures or the property, it is then paid for from the Bond Guarantee.
Face to Face YMCA will reimburse the Landlord up to the agreed value of the Bond Guarantee. The bond is provided for a period of 6 months to coincide with the period of the tenancy.
The Bond Guarantee replaces the 'up front' cash payment for a Bond which is normally asked for by the Landlord.
The Bond Guarantee does not cover any rent repayments, arrears or rent in advance, nor does it cover any service charges or utility charges.
It is important to remember that Face to Face YMCA see a large number of people every week. It is extremely important that you show commitment to working with them to help you find a property, therefore it is essential that you visit the office at least once a week to see if there are any suitable properties for you.
Face to Face YMCA operate a drop in at their office which is based at
The Paterson Centre, 75 St Albans Rd, St Annes, FY8 1TB
01253 720270
The office is only open during the mornings between 9.30am and 12 noon. Face to Face do operate a drop in so it is better if you turn up early to avoid waiting a long time.