Guidelines for Horseriders

Fylde Borough Council would like to ask horse owners and riders to play their part in helping us to make the Fylde beach an even safer place to visit.

Please Observe Some Basic Rules

  • Keep younger or less experienced riders and horses under close supervision
  • Never ride your horse at full gallop along the sands

This is dangerous for you, your horse and other beach user's. The sands are ever changing and there are hidden soft spots that may cause your horse to trip.

  • Please keep your horse out of the designated bathing area (St Anne's Pier to the Lifeboat station)

These are marked by two flagpoles one at each side of the area, and fly Red and Yellow Bathing flags or Red no bathing flags. The bathing area extends to the waters edge. If you are unsure ask the Beach Patrol Officer. NO flags flying, means the beach is not patrolled.

  • Avoid parking your horse box/trailer at the entrance to the beach

The constant movement of traffic will cause your horse distress. It is suggested that you park your vehicles at two designated car parks Fairhaven Road Car Park or North Beach Car Park.

  • Never allow your horse to go too far into the sea

Shifting channels can change overnight you can soon be out of your depth. Check the times and heights of daily tides.

  • Never ride through flocks of wading birds

The Fylde coast is internationality important area for wading birds. Roosting and feeding times are vital for these birds and disturbing them during these periods will cause severe stress or death.

  • Never ride alone

It is strongly advised that you never ride alone, if you do please inform somebody of where and the time you plan on riding

Car Parking

You can use Fairhaven Road Car Park and North Beach car park, however you need a Horsebox Permit and 3rd party liability insurance and also need to pay for the bay(s) used.

Permit Information

Tide Times

Please see the link on the left hand side for updated tide times.

The Dunes are important both as a natural sea defence and home for many plants and animals. Do not ride or allow your horse to roam through the dune system. 

Exceptional cases are made for Police duties.

Please clear any horse related debris from the beach and car parks.

For more information on Beach Management or the Fylde Coast please contact Fylde Borough Council on 01253 658658.