Applying for a replacement, additional or new wheeled bin

Applying for a replacement, additional or new wheeled bin

Apply for an additional grey bin
Apply here if you wish to have a waste audit for an additional grey bin for your household.

The bin charging policy has been introduced to encourage residents to take responsibility for the wheeled bins provided and to reduce demand for replacements so that resources can be directed towards priority services.

Bin Charges

  • Provision of set of three bins (grey, blue and brown) at new build property - £75.00
  • Provision of full set of wheeled bins (grey, green, blue and brown) at a new build property - £100.00
  • Provision of lost, stolen, damaged or additional (if eligible) wheeled bin including delivery -  £32.50 
  • Provision of lost, stolen, damaged grey and green wheeled bins lid or wheels (including delivery and fitting) - £13.00

Government funding was previously provided for waste receptacles however this ceased in April 2008 and the cost for new, additional and replacement bins now represents a significant cost to the Council (April – Dec 2008 £31,000, excluding delivery costs). By recovering some of the cost for the provision of waste bins the Council will be able to divert this money into other essential services.

The Council has a duty imposed under section 45 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990 to collect household waste. Section 46 provides that the local authority can define the kind, number and size of waste receptacles; the receptacles can be provided free of charge, via a single or periodic payment or require the occupier to provide them. The designated container in Fylde is a Council issue 240L wheeled bin and waste that is put out in other containers will not be collected. Please note residents at new build properties must purchase the grey, blue and brown bins as a set and cannot purchase a grey bin on it's own.

The policy for the provision of waste receptacles aims to:

  • Encourage residents to take responsibility for their wheeled bins and to bring them in after their scheduled waste collection day;
  • To promote recycling and to minimise requests for additional (second) grey bins;
  • To reduce the demand for wheeled bins and minimise the number of requests for replacement bins at properties where there is already a bin

To encourage and promote recycling green boxes and blue bags will continue to be provided free of charge. New build properties are required to purchase the wheeled bins as a full set to include the recycling bins and we cannot issue just the grey bin to new build properties.

This policy also promotes home composting which is a better environmental option than a green kerbside collection and residents can apply for a home compost bin through Lancashire County Council by visiting (external link) or calling 0844 571 444 (calls cost 5 pence per minute from a BT landline., other landline or mobile operators may vary).

Replacement grey, green blue or brown bins will be provided for a charge of £32.50 including delivery and removal of the damaged wheeled bin (where applicable). Damaged wheeled bins must be left outside the property for collection. Where only a replacement bin lid or wheels are required these will be provided at the lesser charge of  £13.00 . Bulk bins for residual waste will be provided to multiple-occupancy buildings (e.g. flats) for a purchase charge of £500 per bulk bin.

To apply for an additional bin grey bin click here or to purchase a blue, brown or green bin please phone 01253 658658.

There are no changes to the existing additional bin policy. Households with 5 or more people, or exceptional circumstances, will still need to meet the criteria before an additional grey bin is sanctioned; this will be subject to a charge of £32.50. Qualifying households will be entitled to 2 grey bins only, and will not be entitled to purchase more than 1 additional bin.

If a bin is damaged as a result of mishandling by the crew or lost in a refuse vehicle on collection day the address will be recorded by the driver and a replacement bin will be delivered free of charge. This excludes any damage as a result of prohibited waste being placed in the container and reasonable wear and tear.

Please note that wheeled bins will remain the property of Fylde Borough Council and must remain at the property they have been issued to.