Boxes to Bins (Blue and Brown Wheeled Bins)

Boxes to Bins (Blue and Brown Wheeled Bins)

What goes in my blue wheelie bin?
What goes in my brown wheelie bin?
When will my green box and blue / grey sack be replaced with wheeled bins?
As a general rule if you have been delivered a leaflet and are not on a black sack collection you will receive the wheelie bins
Concerns regarding accommodating bins

Residents in the 3rd (and final) Phase of the boxes to bins roll-out will receive a blue and brown wheeled bin in the weeks between the 15th and 26th October. The blue bin replaces the green box and the brown bin replaces the white / blue sack. Your day of collection will remain the same. This page contains all the information you need to know about the scheme.

Delivery Information

Phase Wheelie Bin Delivery Date

Phase 1 Street List

Properties not currently scheduled for wheelie bin delivery(phase 1)

30th April 2012 - 11th May 2012


Phase 2 Street List

Properties not currently scheduled for wheelie bin delivery(phase 2)

18th - 30th June 2012


Phase 3 Street List

Properties not currently scheduled for wheelie bin delivery(phase 3)

15th - 26th October 2012

Boxes to Bins

In 2012 the Council will be replacing the green boxes and the white sack / blue bags for wheeled bins.  The project will take several months to roll out from April 2012 and will have an impact on almost every household in the borough.

Clear and regular communication will be an essential part of the project and will include information sent to every household posted by hand as well as a dedicated phone line for any enquiries.

This web page will be updated with essential information as the project start date approaches and will be regularly updated during the project.  Please take time to look at the Frequently Asked Questions and the downloads available on this site that provide details of all the issues presented to elected members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A list of FAQs are available on-line. These will be updated throughout the project.

Boxes to Bins FAQs

Consultation Details

A total of 1553 questionnaires were returned and the results of these are summarised in Appendix 1 of the Cabinet report (item 8 on the web link below)

821 of the 1553 returns were from the 3500 randomly selected households the remainder were either completed on-line or requested and sent in.

This additional survey formed a part of the wider consultation about the project that also included previous survey work when the sacks were first introduced, two years of customer contact feedback, the experience and outcomes from other local authorities that have implemented the scheme and the Staining Pilot project. Details of these are included in the report to Cabinet.

Concerns Regarding Accommodating Bins

If a property cannot accommodate the bins then they will not be issued with them – it is expected that there will be a number of properties that cannot accommodate the bins and in every case the team will work with the customer to establish the best recycling support we can provide. In the build up to the change over there will be an extensive communication strategy that will include a mailing by hand to every household that is scheduled to receive  the recycling bins.  

A full scoping exercise has been undertaken across the borough to highlight  all properties suitable for the delivery of wheeled bins during the phased roll out in 2012.   This exercise also identified all properties will not be delivered the recycling bins at present.