Street Names and Numbers

Street Names and Numbers

Prior to the naming of any new streets forming part of a development, or providing postal numbers for premises, it will be necessary to submit details of your proposals to Fylde Borough Council for approval.

This is a legal requirement, and it is the responsibility of the Building Control Manager to determine whether the proposals meet with the Council’s general guidelines and are not ambiguous or misleading in any way. The Manager who is responsible for this function will consult with the Royal Mail Address Management Centre and will also notify other interested parties on your behalf following final approval. It is therefore advisable to discuss this matter at the earliest opportunity.

Naming of New Roads
When you are considering road names for a new development you must take into account the existing road names in the area. Royal Mail will not approve any new road name if there is an existing road in the same vicinity with a similar name. It is advisable to submit a selection of names for approval, in order of preference, so that the Officer does not need to come back to you for alternatives if a name is unsuitable. Provided there are no objections the Officer will write to you to confirm the approval of the road name and will also inform you of the postal numbers and postal codes allocated to any new properties on the road.

Allocation of, or Changing of, Property Numbers
Should you wish to allocate new properties with postal numbers or change the existing number of a property you should put your request in writing or use the form available to download (on the right), to the Building Control Section. If you wish to change your property number, your request must be accompanied by proof of ownership of the property. A Solicitors letter will suffice. Your request shall be dealt with and you will be informed in writing of the allocated official postal number(s) of the property/ies in question.
Please note that requests for a change of number where a property is number 13 will not be considered.

Changing a Property Name - When you Have No Postal Number in Your Address
If your property only has a name and not a postal number, you must get approval from the Building Control Section before changing your property name.

You should put your request in writing to the Building Control Manager, enclosing proof of ownership - a Solicitors letter will suffice.

You should ensure that no other properties on your road have a name similar to your proposal.

Changing a Property Name - When you Have a Postal Number in Your Address
If you wish to change the name of your property, but your property also uses a postal number in its address, you do not need to get approval from the Building Control Section. This is because the official allocated postal address is the property number and road name, and does not include any property name allocated by the owner/occupier. You should, however, notify the people on the attached list that you have changed the name of your property.

What to do if your property is not registered on a Company database
When new properties are erected, the occupiers sometimes have problems when ordering goods for delivery and their property does not show on the Company database. This normally happens when the Developer of the site has not informed Royal Mail that a property has been completed and occupied.

When Royal Mail allocate new postal addresses they are kept on a 'dormant' database until they are notified of completion and/or occupation. This means that Companies who use Royal Mails information systems for property addresses will not be able to locate your property.

In this situation you should contact the Royal Mail Address Management Centre for Fylde, which is currently based in Shrewsbury, and inform them that you have occupied the property. They can be contacted on (01743) 277 300. This should then rectify the problem.

How to Find out Your Correct Postal Code
You can find out postal codes for all properties on the Royal Mail website. You will be asked to log on as a new user using your email address and will be required to allocate yourself with a password. You can then select the 'Postal Code Finder' and type in the road name and postal town. This will list all properties on the specified road with their respective postal codes.

Fylde Borough Council DO NOT deal with the allocation of postal codes to properties, therefore any query you may have on your postal code should be directed to Royal Mail. (external link).

Replacement of Street Name Plates
If you see a street name plate that has been defaced or damaged and requires replacement you should contact the Operational Services Directorate as detailed below. They are also responsible for the replacement of any mis-spelt street signs.
Tel: (01253) 658 658
Fax: (01253) 789137

Should you wish to discuss any proposals, or if you have any queries regarding street naming and numbering, please contact the office on the phone number or email address below.

Telephone: (01253) 658515
Fax: (01253) 713113