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Development Management Committee (request to speak)

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If you wish to speak at the Committee you must register with the Senior Democratic Services Officer before 12 Noon on the Monday before the committee meets or on Bank Holidays the Tuesday before the committee meets.

Completing this form will register your request.

Please read carefully the following information about speaking at Development Management Committee.

For each application, the order of speaking will be as follows:-

1.Introduction by the Planning Officer or Chairman
3.Any other comments
5.The applicant or his/her agent
6.Presentation by the Planning Officer

This will be followed by the Committee's discussions and decision.

There will be no discussion or cross-examination of the speaker by Members or Officers and vice versa. The Chairman may ask questions of the speaker only in order to clarify the issues referred to. Other Committee Members will not speak until all presentations on a particular application have been made.

There will be no adjournment or deferment of an application should any registered speaker fail to attend or not be present at the time the application is dealt with. Any person who is registered to speak but has to leave the meeting early can, as an alternative, provide their views in writing to be presented to and read out by the Chairman.

Where an application is deferred, e.g. to allow the Committee to visit the site, anyone who has spoken on the application will not be permitted to speak again unless the application has been significantly amended. Where there has been such an amendment, any further opportunity to speak shall be limited to the amended detail, and not to the application generally.

General Information and Registration

Members of the public are permitted to make a verbal presentation to the Development Management Committee to oppose, support or comment on any planning application. Where oral objections are to be raised, the applicant has a right to respond. The applicant also has the right to address the Committee if Officers have recommended that their application should be refused.

Any presentations must be limited to land use planning considerations. The Senior Democratic Services Officer Lyndsey Lacey (01253 658 504 / will be happy to give guidance in this respect.

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