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Application for Event Funding

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1. Fylde Borough Council wishes to promote and support appropriate events. However resources are limited and it is important that the use of funds is targeted towards those events that meet the criteria set out.

2. The purpose of the council supporting events is to encourage activities and attractions to locate in Fylde and to facilitate special events that will:
• generate tourism income for the benefit of the resident community
• project a positive image of Fylde and raise awareness of the tourism industry
• facilitate a wider range of facilities and infrastructure than would otherwise be available to the resident community
• provide additional employment opportunities
• create a sense of pride and identity in the area for the resident community

3. Consideration for funding must include a clear understanding and assessment of the nature of the support, the level of grant support required, and overall what percentage this figure is in relation to the overall event/attraction cost. Contributions in kind can be used in the above calculation.

4. The Council has a small budget available and is willing to consider funding requests from other organisations which must demonstrate as part of their request:
• The number of participants anticipated
• The number of spectators anticipated
• The approximate percentage of the above who would be Fylde residents as opposed to Visitors to the Borough
• The level and type of media coverage planned (local/regional/national/international)
• The number of participant “bed nights” anticipated (that is the number of participants anticipated to be staying overnight in the borough of Fylde multiplied by the number of nights staying).
• The overall estimated “value to the Borough” of holding the event/attraction (whether this be financial or otherwise)

5. If the grant request is approved the applicant must agree to comply with the following conditions of offer:
• To provide soon after the event details of actual expenditure incurred for the event, including any other contributions (supported by receipts).
• To acknowledge the assistance of Fylde Borough Council in all publicity and references made.
• To provide a post event assessment of the actual/perceived benefit achieved from the event/initiative.

6. Fylde Borough Council can make funds available for a maximum of up to three years, with a sum of money offered in year one, reducing by 50% in year two, and a further 50% in year three. Event funding is designed to help the event become established and not dependant upon long term public funding.
As an illustrative example – year 1 funding £2,000; year 2 - £1,000; year 3 - £500. Year 4 – no funding

7. In the event of demand for grants exceeding available resources then the Director of Development Services in consultation with the Chairman, Tourism and Leisure Committee, will establish a priority for the allocation of funds.

Priority will be given to events that are new and innovative. Grant Funding cannot
be used to sustain ongoing commitments.

Priority will be given to events that are planned to become self sustainable and proposed to be held annually to enhance the Diary of Events in Fylde Borough.